Grand old lady of the sky
Madame – Mrs – Mother Moon
Now I know the reason why
That deep in my heart I know that soon
Emotions will flow
Wisdom will grow
‘cause you have invited me into your glow

Sweet old mother so divine
Madame – Mrs. – Mother Moon
Soothe this hubble-bubble mind
Allow me to enter your balloon
Where love is for real
To calm and to heal
Where life is embracing each feeling I feel

As queen of the ball you are outshining all
Inducing each shadow to rise – and to fall
Still I know that in a while you will decline
Leaving it to me to shine and refine

Wise old mistress of the heart
Madame – Mrs. – Mother Moon
You arrive and you depart
Coaxing me out of my cocoon
To join in the play
Of growth and decay
Where cycle of change wash my burden away


Music & Lyrics: Ianneia