The empowering songs on this site is created by the Danish spiritual songwriter Ianneia. All the songs are reflecting my own proces of  connecting to the most divine and powerful part of me – you can call it my soul or my true self. If you decide to let my songs in, I hope they will inspire and strengthen you in your life and your proces of connecting to your true self.

The songs are not written with an intend of “creating an empowering song”. I live my life and since it is a natural way for me to express myself through music and lyrics, along the way I create songs that reflects what I am going through and the wisdom I collect. It is only during the last couple of years I have realized that all my songs are holding an empowering vibration. That is why I call my songs Empowering Songs by Ianneia.

The musical style in the songs is New Nordic Jazz/Latin. Thus although the lyrics are rooted in a spiritual view of life the songs are not classical New Age Music. It is high-vibrational everyday-music. Mother Earth is undergoing a great vibrational shift in these years which calls for a new kind of songs and music. These songs wish to contribute to this proces of rising the vibrations in and around humans on the planet.

More about Ianneia and the empowering songs here: The Artist

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