They say that all you’re doing is wrong
And that you have to work on being strong
By hardening up your heart
And play another card
They say that King of Sword
Gives the appropriate reward

They say that sensitivity hurts
And that it doesn’t work unless you convert
By giving in and try
To let your senses die
They say that trusting Queen of Hearts
Will only tear your life apart

And mostly when they say it
They seem so very sure
But in the eyes the hearts reveal a doubt
And though their voices shout it
They’re kind of insecure
Hoping that the way you show
Will free their spirits out

But then they say that love is making you blind
And if you choose it life will leave you behind
And so you have to hide
The softness of your pride
They say that hiding is providing
That no one slips inside


Music & Lyrics: Ianneia